Reshaping Your Life,
One Bone at a Time…

It is a groundbreaking book that will provide an in-depth exploration of different innovative techniques and sophisticated details about the current
Rib Remodeling and Resection surgeries.

Authors have prepared a straight-forward manuscript based on the science and artistry that underpin these transformative procedures together
with body contour definition surgery.

The reader will be able to integrate the relationship of artistic anatomy within the waistline and the delicate proportions of the torso, which converge to produce awe-inspiring results.

Furthermore, photographs include a compendium of unique cases, meticulously selected by the authors, illustrating the remarkable transformations experienced by individuals on their journeys towards aesthetic
perfection and heightened self-confidence.

book editors

Our editors, luminaries in the surgical world, curates a collection of insights, techniques,
and groundbreaking work from the forefront of rib remodeling.

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