High Definition Liposculpture is an artistic procedure that gives highly demanded proportions, doctor remember that not sculpture can carve an aesthetically and shapely body without the knowledge of its anatomy, as emerges, you must know exactly and almost in a perfect fashion, the muscles, the position of the fat, the concavities, and convexities of every single muscle for it to be recreated and this is where this procedure provides you the tools to sculpt beautiful bodies!


You will learn the new art concept of liposuction


Includes not just surgical knowledge also prepare doctors to the before, during and the after preparation of the patients.


You will be evaluated in the theoretical and practical principles and concepts after the course


You will receive your certifications as a Total Definer doctor depending on the course and level obtained after the training and evaluation

About Alfredo Hoyos MD

Dr. Alfredo Hoyos is not only a plastic surgeon, is considered an artist with the ability to build curves and sculpt muscles.

He is the creator of the of the innovative Liposculpture techniques that have revolutionized traditional liposuction, one of them is a technique called Vaser High Definition Liposculpture a/k/a H4D LIPO a/k/a 4D LIPO a/k/a High Def Lipo, patented in United States, leading to the creation of beautiful & contoured bodies.

Dr. Alfredo Hoyos combines his plastic surgery techniques with different technologies, such as Ultrasound-assisted VASER, Microaire, Body Tite , Wells Jhonson and Renuevion  to get the best results in patients.

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How is the training

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An integral programs that will show you in the different scenarios of the medical field how optimize your practice and your team.

“The most complete guide for plastic surgeons”


Enhance your skill level, attend Our 1-day High-Def Liposuction, Observation Training Course.

We will teach you the basic techniques of liposuction & introduce you to autologous fat transfer.

Before you decided to buy any technologies that may not even suit your goals, do yourself a favor and spend a day learning together with Dr. Alfredo Hoyos what really matters in the practice of high definition liposculpture techniques.

In this observational course you will learn:

  • Basic science/technology behind VASER liposuction.
  • How to mark liposuction patients.
  • The art of incisions within the high definition liposculpture technique
  • Pre and Post-Operative management of the patient.


  • Remember that the deposit you make to separate the space for your training is not reimbursable.In the event that you have any problem and you can not be present this deposit will apply to a future course as long as we have availability.
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In this course you will learn:

  • An introduction of After Care “LIPO CARE” necessary to achieve better and faster results without adverse effects. Training available for nurses or assistants.
  • Discover the properties of the technologies involve in the practice of the technique
  • How to manage complications after the procedure.
  • Cell-Assisted Fat Transfer (CAL), a Multilayer Technique that will increase the definition and satisfaction of the patients.
  • Introduction to the Total Definer Ergonomic Garments


  • Remember that the deposit you make to separate the space for your training is not reimbursable.

    In the event that you have any problem and you can not be present this deposit will apply to a future course as long as we have availability

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FULL IMMERSION HANDS-ON- Eve Technique & Fit Mommy Training

With this course you will learn how the Tummy tuck revolutionizes body contouring by combining traditional abdominoplasty surgery with the benefits of Dr. Hoyos technique HIGH DEFINITION LIPO, for better results.

In this course you will try the following topics:

  • Mini Lipectomy (Mommy Hi Def).
  • Tummy Tuck (Fit Mommy Technique)
  • Combine the world’s most effective liposculpture procedure with a full or Mini-Tummy Tuck, plus all-natural fat grafting enhancement, and there’s no patient that you cannot help.


  • Remember that the deposit you make to separate the space for your training is not reimbursable.

    In the event that you have any problem and you can not be present this deposit will apply to a future course as long as we have availability

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Total Definer Masterclass platform has emerged as a response to the needs of the time, integrates education with information, tools, and resources to support doctors around the world in their practices by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to apply cutting-edge techniques that have changed the vision of what plastic surgery was in the past and that today is presented as a “STATE OF ART”




VASER is a state-of-the-art ultrasound-assisted Liposuction technology that selectively acts on the fat tissue by turning it liquid to facilitate its extraction while taking care of other tissues such as blood vessels and nerves, thus reducing pain and inflammation that is caused after use, allowing the liposculpture procedure to be more accurate and with excellent results for you as a patient.


It is the minimally invasive body contouring technology that offers complete lipolysis, which removes fat by melting it and making extraction a much simpler and less traumatic process for tissues, thus providing results that would only be achieved by more extensive surgical treatments.


It is an advanced energy device that combines the unique properties of cold helium plasma with RF energy (radiofrequency), dramatically tightening the skin during the rejuvenation and liposculpture procedure. With it, it is possible to treat blemishes, wrinkles and sagging skin.


It is a fully automatic device that isolates the SVF (stromal vascular fraction in which there are stem cells) from the human adipose tissue in order to carry out the fat transfer procedure in parts of the body where you as a patient may need it.


It is a powerful and precision instrument designed for extraction and collection of fat in body contouring procedures, as is the case of high definition liposculpture. It consists in introducing by incisions in the skin of a few millimeters thin cannulas that are handled by electricity. These help to break down all the fibrosis and melt the fat, which allows a body contour more pleasant, smooth and with less risk of irregularities.


Helps to reduce cellulite, this is done through the emission of special probes to emulsify the superficial fatty tissue. Dr. Hoyos is a pioneer of cutting-edge technology for the treatment of cellulite and fibrosis. His invention, the Hoyos Saturn® (special cannula for the destruction of fat cells) and with the application of VASER SMOOTH has made possible that results are superior to those obtained with other technologies.


Patient’s own fat can be collected and re-distributed in a wide variety of places in his body. This is an excellent way to contour both the donor and treatment site, resulting in a more contoured figure overall.


You can employ the Wells Johnson High Volume Precision (HVP) Auto-Graft Infusion System.


The Wells Johnson High Volume Precision (HVP) Auto-Graft Infusion System is a highly customizable, streamlined, and self-contained fat collection and insertion device. The Wells HVP System is a vital component of all fat transfer procedures 

Thanks to the Wells Johnson HVP Auto-Graft Infusion System, you can offer to your patients not only cutting-edge results, but also peace of mind.



Retractor Alfredo Hoyos 

Just like the Remora Fish, who utilizes suction for traction to attach to larger marine animals, the Remora Retractor is designed to atraumatically avoid slippage.

The widest range of specialized surgical instruments in Cosmetic Surgery. With the most representative cutting-edge technology on the market.

The proximal retractor enters through the Cesarean section scars while the distal retractor enters through the umbilicus resulting in a smaller scar and preservation of the umbilicus.



The Plastic Surgery continues in constant advance and development, every day new surgical techniques are discovered that applied with the appropriate tools can offer greater satisfaction to you as a patient and improve your results.


High Definition Body Sculpting  technique requires Special Training, our training programs have been developed by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos through his passion for training others.

Be one of the few surgeons worldwide Certified in HIGH DEF LIPOSCULPTURE technique, the latest and most advanced form of body sculpting procedure.




TOTAL DEFINER community invites you to join us, we are dedicating to advancing the science and practice of body contouring plastic surgery techniques and providing the knowledge and expertise to continue growing in your practice.

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