This is a unique specialty workshop designed for those who want to upgrade their practice.

This workshop will address the science, art & safety of body contour surgery.

It also explores the role of fat grafting in advanced techniques-High Def Lipo.

The official language will be English, but the event will be recorded and then translated into Portuguese and Spanish, respectively, to be sent to the doctors.

It will take place on May 30, Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm in the afternoon.


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November 6-8, 2020!

Get your tickets now for the biggest event of the year and celebrate in one of the most beautiful cities in the world “Cartagena de Indias”.

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To our doctors:

For the first time, the field of plastic surgery will witness an event never seen before in which technology will be the main ingredient, where our goal is for you to have a unique experience, which goes beyond words … We hope that You interact dynamically every second of the congress, learn by building and update yourself on the most important advances in the practice of body contouring surgery and all its applications.



Our community continuing growing around the world!

The art of High-definition liposculpture that has been called in different ways: H4D LIPO/ VASER HI-DEF LIPO/ 4D LIPO  is the most powerful technique today. It is recognized as the beauty technique, which has revolutionized the field of plastic surgery completely with just one principle or foundation: turn the bodies of the patients into true works of living arts combining innovative technologies and adding the master touch of each one of you as surgeons.

Each of you has decided to take the practice to the next level, you are not simple surgeons, you are an exclusive community that is showing incredible and unmatched results.
That is why It is time to reward the best case B / A 2018-2019.
Each year we want to recognize your progress, your incredible growth
in all aspects of your practice.

We want to present our 6 finalists. Our winner will be announced in the next months by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos and our winner will get a big surprise from