How many times have we heard “if you do not look good you do not feel good”. But following the folk logic of that adage, we can say, “If you do look good you must feel good too” It is when we think about how cosmetic procedures become self-esteem boosting.

How many of your patients feel happy and satisfied with the job you do on them?

Well, a lot of your patients who elect to have a cosmetic surgery are looking not only for the perfect procedure but also for something else. They’re doing it for their own private reasons that have little or nothing to do with any objective rewards they might reap from the transformation. They going deeper as improve these subjective factors, such as confidence, or happiness. Then We can say that you are a giver, that person who brings the possibility to the table and make patient’s dreams come true.

Plastic surgery is by far one of the most competitive medical fields to break into and only some of the best-certified physicians make it to this position. You have gone through some of the most intensive training to achieve the level of experience necessary to perform the various procedures which are designed to benefit the lives of the patients and help to instill a sense of self-confidence.

Perhaps will be necessary go deep if we are referring to the happiness in Plastic surgery… We will need to talk about some stereotypes of patients taking into account their psychological state. We just separated the patients into three groups:

  • Per example, a first group composed of the pessimistic, insecure people, maybe like drugs, who chose to invest in their appearance to achieve a positive outcome and change their way of life. Dan Hamermesh, author of Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful.
  • There is another group, the young minors who are totally influenced by the media, magazines and famous artists, who believe that the younger they have a change will be much more productive for what you want to achieve but the truth is that the procedure will not help, it’s too early for them to know what they really want in life.
  • The last group, the older patients, these people tend to be happy with the outcome of the surgery and have higher self-esteem about their looks.

The truth is that people more than a plastic surgeon seek to solve some situation that is appearing in their lives, for example, that patient that hopes the procedure will save a relationship or the actress that needs a big breast to get the roll in a movie or just the person who wants to be always young.

Based on studies from American Psychological Association have shown that people report increased satisfaction with the body part they had surgery on, but results are mixed on whether plastic surgery boosts their self-esteem, quality of life, self-confidence and interpersonal relationships in the long term.

We need to remember how plastic surgery has been for the longest time been dimmed negatively by society and people have always kept away from the procedures. However, with the changing times, people are becoming more open to the suggestion of surgery to alter their looks. Today Cosmetic surgery has increased dramatically and we can see per example how people’s attitudes towards signs of aging have changed. More and more are accepting the cosmetic surgery alternative.

We can also conclude that men and women have turned to surgical and cosmetic aids in the pursuit of well-being and happiness through physical beauty