A patient comes to you looking for the most effective and also the fastest way to look his best. The beauty industry and cosmetic surgery services continue to grow in popularity all over the world and this means that new and better ways to help people achieve their goals are constantly being created.

Today with the insertion of Vaser Hi Def Liposculpture process and technologies as VASER has been defined a whole new way for your patient to achieve the goals he wants and get a body that looked toned and beautiful.

Dr. Alfredo Hoyos & his team always think about the best way to explain to patients which is the best treatment for each for each of them according to their characteristics, one of the most common questions is what is the difference between Losing weight vs. looking lean and toned

The explanation for this is that there is a huge difference between losing weight and looking lean and toned. Some people lose a lot of weight but their body looks soft and their skin sags. People who go to the gym and also start a diet are going to look much better than those who only lose weight and don’t exercise. Vaser Hi Definition allows the results of the procedure to make it seem like the person goes to the gym even if they never exercise.

Another common question from patients is what is the main difference between this method and another. Well we can say that the main difference with this method is that it will release the skin from the underlying tissue and this is going to make it possible for the skin to act as shrink wrap and this means their bodies are going to look toned and fit. This allows for a tighter covering around the contour that is being constructed. Fat is extracted with liposuction and the results are ten times better than what people can expect from regular liposuction procedures.

The biggest problem is that regular procedures leave the body looking quite similar in terms of contour and this is only fixed by the Vaser procedure. It’s also quite a safe and reasonably affordable procedure and this makes it extremely attractive.

Now what is the main firs excuse from people to decide to have a cosmetic surgery?

We are witnesses that in this century there is a big obstacle for people to be able to carry out an effective program in the gym accompanied by an adequate diet. It is called: “Time is of essence”

There are people who say that those who go through any kind of liposculpture procedure are lazy people and they should have the discipline to work out and lose weight by hitting the gym every single day. The reality of life is that we are living in a very hectic world and it’s no longer possible for many people to have time for the gym. They have hectic schedules, they work very hard every day and they hardly have enough time to eat and sleep.

The solution for those people is to find a safe and affordable procedure that allows for results to be possible without investing hundreds of hours at the gym and Vaser Hi Definition provides that solution with incredible results.

Patients have understood that this is definitely a groundbreaking procedure that is going to allow them to get that perfect beach body much faster than they thought possible. It also works for professional athletes who can’t seem to lose that extra layer of fat that is making it hard for them to see their full muscle definition.

As plastic surgeons there is a great responsibility with these new patients that day by day comes to you with the desire to be able to achieve not only looking good but feeling good in the shortest time and with the best results. That is why the investment you made in the optimization of surgical practice and in obtaining the most innovative knowledge of the moment is little in comparison with the satisfaction of the patient and the maintenance of the reputation of you as a doctor in the long term.