The new fundamentals of VASER HI-DEF LIPO techniques are irreplaceable to your arsenal of surgical knowledge.  Your surgical skills will be elevated thru the practice with real patients in the surgical room under the mentorship of Dr. Alfredo Hoyos.

Today with the advent of new techniques and technologies the concept of beauty has changed and hinted at how, in many cultures, going to a cosmetic surgeon, rather than a cosmetics counter, is guaranteed way to reduce the signs of aging.

Dr. Alfredo Hoyos is a clear example of that, who has spent many years of training through the world and who is a creator of cutting-edge Body Contouring Techniques, who has made possible for ordinary bodies to become beautiful and outlined bodies in the perfect anatomical shape.

A full curriculum is formulating especially for you all physician that want to open their practice to the revolutionary liposculpture’s procedures from traditional liposuction to the creation of alluring bodies through anatomical sculpting and contouring.

This technique is the Dynamic Anatomy Movement technique. It truly takes into account the complex relationship between adipose and connective tissue with muscular movement, youthful shape, and fullness over every area of the body’s “form.”

The reason for an artist is his final work as well as the plastic surgeon who seeks to transform a simple procedure in a world full of opportunities for their patients.

Doctor Alfredo Hoyos has worked to give a new perspective to modern medicine has sought the perfect relationship between art and the human anatomy giving life to the revolutionary techniques of definition where the shapes seem to have been positioned precisely; techniques that work the dynamic definition of the underlying muscular anatomy taken liposculpture results to a new level.

Are you ready for this adventure?