No doubt that each year cosmetic surgeons are improving the lives of many patients around the world giving them the opportunity for a more youthful, healthy look and the hope to create a strong, powerful appearance that will facilitate career advancement.

You as a surgeon constantly wants to know the last advances in technology and procedures that are revolutionizing the world of plastic surgery and today we are presenting one of them:


Emerges first as answer to the to a higher level of group of men and women who have considered new kind of liposuction that not only remove fat but also reach the ultimate sculpted form, and second to provides cosmetic surgeons with all the necessary tools to incorporate into their practices.

With the TOTAL DEFINER TRAINING your surgical technique will rise from basic liposuction to the most Advanced Body Sculpting, you will be part of the unique community educated by the guidance of the inventor and creator of the cutting edge liposculpture techniques, DR. ALFREDO HOYOS.

This is your moment … to grow in your practice, to provide your patients with sophisticated aesthetic enhancement and also to be trained to understand marketing strategies, patient care techniques, and so much more…