At the end of the last century, many specialists understood that plastic surgery is an independent and complex specialty that requires training and good education. If we are talking about how countries as Egypt that has an incredible grown in the industry of beauty, it’s not strange that more and more people from Europe and the Middle East are flying to Egypt that is becoming one of the world capital cities of cosmetic surgery.

Today the most popular procedure of plastic surgery is calling H4D LIPO A/K/A High Definition Liposculpture, a technique successfully implemented all around the world. The technique that was created by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, a Colombian plastic surgeon who is the embodiment of medical passion, the epitome of dedication to human anatomy. He has the ultimate talent to construct curves, the artistic skill to sculpt streamlined muscles. His medium is human anatomy; his pride is the finished, satisfied, and beautiful patient.
     H4D LIPO A/K/A High Definition Liposculpture focuses specifically on 3D superficial topography, advanced fat transfer with stem cells, and integrating dynamic motion into surgical planning and technique.
This year for the first time will be presented Dr. Hoyos is Cairo to present his work by our first training: the ultimate revolution from traditional liposuction to creating alluring bodies through anatomical sculpting and contouring.

Egypt where the beauty of the human body glows being the birthplace of masterpieces over the years, couldn´t be left behind if we talk about plastic surgery where surgeons are the artist and the masterpiece are the patients who daily seek more efficient alternatives to look a natural, defined and beautiful bodies. It is how the knife has helped perpetuate the exaltation of men and women´s bodies. It is why Dr. Alfredo Hoyos who over the years has established himself as one of the most important surgeons in his field who has brought to life the techniques that have changed the concept of conventional liposuction.