To look younger, slimmer and beautiful has been the desire of women and men for a long time. This is now possible using innovative techniques that have changed the way we see cosmetic surgery around the world. Techniques including VASER HI DEFINITION work for those looking for a defined and natural body. There are now procedures to get a toned, athletic body without going to the gym.

      MOMMY HI-DEF TECHNIQUE is another variation that works best for patients with excess fat who have some extra skin or stretch marks. Liposuction is performed in conjunction with a tummy tuck and includes repairing abdominal muscles that have separated after childbearing.

When patients experience significant weight loss, leaving them with stretched skin and separated abdominal muscles can be possible achieve a new body with the innovative procedure.

Many abdominoplasty patients are mothers who wish to refine their midsection following childbirth. Carrying a child can cause the abdominal muscles to separate and stretch the abdominal skin. In addition to considering ideal body weight, female patients must contemplate the likelihood of wanting more children in the future. Often, the best time for a mother to have a MOMMY HI-DEF procedure is when she is certain she does not wish to have more children.

Remember the goal of a tummy tuck-and-lipo: tones and sculpts. Using together, the two procedures you as a doctor will be able to contour patient’s bodies and help them to achieve their aesthetic goals.

So this is it! When there is not enough skin to pull down we can use the lipoabdominoplasty FIT MOMMY. Notice the nice waistline and some shadows of the abs that make it look more natural. We are going to do the navel in a couple of days under local anesthesia, a small price to get the abs and get the skin down enough to have a hidden scar.


So our patient right now Looks like Eve (since Eve was not conceived in a belly) I own the patent of this technique!