After body contouring surgery, it is necessary the use of a compression garment in order to reduce the pain, diminish the swelling and avoid the fluid accumulation called “seroma”.


•      Following liposuction, a potential space has been created in the layers between your skin and your muscles as most of the fat has been removed. This space needs to be constantly compressed in the first few weeks post surgery, in order to prevent collections of fluids such as blood (which could cause a hematoma), inflammatory fluid or infection.

In the case of VASER HI DEFINITION LIPO, patients should use them during the first two months, all 24 hours. Keep in mind that once the inflammation is controlled, it is necessary to adjust the garment to continue performing the function of defining and shaping.

VASER HI DEF garments should be specially designed to be used after surgery (known as Post-surgical or post-operative garments), providing support for the entire body and helping with the recovery of tissues during the Post operatory period.

Among the benefits are:

· 1. It is easily attached to the skin after surgery or pregnancy

· 2. They help to reduce inflammation.

· 3. Reduce the risk of fibrosis.

· 4. No noticeable under clothing.

· 5. Reduce pain and post-operative discomfort.

· 6. Provide greater control.

· 7. They shape the body (waist, abdomen, back, buttocks ….)

· 8. Reduce sagging.

· 9. Corrects posture.

How should wear the garment?

The first thing you should do before trying to get inside the strip, is to identify the front of the product. The garment is placed from the bottom up, the legs are first introduced and it is better if you are standing. Take the garment to the side of the knee, make sure the fabric is stretched in the leg area. Now go up from the knees to the waist following the same procedure. Avoid wrinkles in the fabric of the garment and upload up under the breast. Now enter the arms and place the sleeves on the shoulders. On top of that, good compression garments assist the body’s natural lymphatic system, flush away any excess inflammatory fluids from the wound sites.

The compression ensures that the skin wound edges are closed and so improves the appearance of the scars.Also the compression helps the skin ‘stick’ back down to the deeper layers, enhancing the skin retraction and final appearance of your new body.

•      This keeps swelling in check, closes off all the tiny capillaries that were damaged during the surgery, and gives you some support to keep discomfort to a minimum.

•      Compression helps it shrink and contract so that it eventually looks like the fat was never there. REMEMBER, the garment doesn’t guarantee that all the skin will tighten up, but it certainly helps it happen more consistently. Wearing a high-quality compression garment is almost as important as the surgery itself

•      Patients will look slimmer using the compression garments

Since a garment helps minimize all of these discomfort and pain, it lets your recover quicker, and makes the whole process much more enjoyable.