Ensure optimal tissue management and patient-friendly results has been one of the most important points in Dr. Hoyos’s practice through the years.

Doctor Hoyos has spent time researching and developing new tools to provide greater satisfaction to patients and also for Doctors to extend their abilities for practicing the detailed TOTAL DEFINER techniques.

The specially designed cannulas deliver ultrasound waves into the fat layer to liquefy the fat cells. This procedure is tissue-selective, meaning it targets the fat cells and leaves the surrounding tissue completely intact. After the ultrasound treatment, thin cannulas are inserted through very small hidden incisions to remove the liquid and the treated fat – leaving the patient’s skin and body smooth and beautiful.

Dr. Hoyos uses a variety of cannulas for the different areas of fat removal and sculpting. “The cannulas that I use are smaller the more superficial I go into the skin,” he says. “Per example we can access the deep fat with a 3.7mm or even a 4.6mm cannula, we work in the superficial layer always with a 3mm cannula. Dr. Hoyos says.

Dr. Hoyos is a pioneer in the cosmetic surgery industry. He has invented and refined multiple surgical instruments for safer, more effective operations.