VASER HI DEFINITION patients often get an amazing result. But remember be as patient you need to be realistic and don’t expect perfection.

The technique uses a Vaser technology that will decrease pain, it will keep tissue integrity by not damaging supporting structures, and assisting in superior re-adherence of skin. There is also no heat damage to skin and tissue that can be problematic with the conventional liposuction. Because Vaser High Definition Liposuction is vibration assisted, it stimulates the fibroblasts to produce collagen and cause skin tightening often eliminating the need for surgical skin reduction.

If your patients worried about loose skin after your procedure?

Sometimes patients will have an issue where their skin becomes loose or droopy, as it is incapable of tightening around the newly reduced areas where fat deposits used to be. These patients often require skin lifts that can lead to scars, thus rendering the initial liposuction treatment useless. But by pulling the surrounding skin inward, With Vaser Hi Def technique it is possible reconstruct the layers immediately under the patient’s skin, reducing skin drooping.

Your patient will achieve a significant and noticeable improvement. The technique helps to minimize the risk of post-procedure