Through the ages, the concept of beauty has moved from the large and round body until the lean and athletic body. A muscular and shape body has become the gold standard of many today. Typically to get the desired body it is necessary a rigorous diet, exercise aerobic and weight that will develop musculature but not necessarily the desired lean, muscular appearance due to body type and genetic factors which do not allow the loss of superficial fat layer.

This is the reason why  VASER HI-DEF LIPO technique was created to bring the best results and natural appear in patients. This technique can improve manipulation of the fatty layers with respect to contouring, will improve the ability to control the extent of muscle definition when contouring the male or female body, the revolutionary technique will enhance and define the muscular structures like the abdomen (six pack abs), pectoral muscles (pecs), obliques, back muscles, biceps, and triceps.