For women having a baby is a marvelous thing, but it is also a reality that the body undergoes many changes that may adversely affect a woman’s body image. Thus it’s important for women to know what changes have occurred and which ones can benefit from options such as plastic surgery.  It is the case when presented the excess skin and the ligaments simply will not stretch back. Plastic surgery can help restore the abdomen and breasts to more natural and youthful proportions.

Dr.  Hoyos has been working on a new technique which has called EVE TECHNIQUE or TOTAL DEFINER TUMMY TUCK, this procedure consists of a TOTAL DEFINER LIPO combined with a Tummy Tuck technique, where the special attention is given to create a new navel to create a youthful and athletic appearance.

In a traditional abdominoplasty excess skin is removed below the belly button. The remaining skin is stretched over the incision and sutured down just above the pubic region. This procedure makes the navel tends to be stiff and unnatural. To resolve this, Dr. Hoyos removed the navel in the first stage of the procedure, initially leaves the patient without navel as “EVE” in the Garden of Eden, to allow better recovery of the abdominal skin.

During the second stage of the procedure, liposculpture is performed to improve abdominal definition and the new navel is created a younger form. The EVE eliminates stretch marks, lines at the abdominal muscles and stretches the abdominal skin. The results are an athletic figure with the desired hourglass shape. (The main scar is invisible under underwear or bikini).