For Dr. Hoyos his continued research into new procedures in the field of cosmetic surgery have given the opportunity to develop innovative body contouring techniques that have dramatically improved the practice of plastic surgeons worldwide.

He has dedicated time to introduce his work through specialized training to doctors  that have made possible to create a new vision of the human body, enhancing its beauty in all dimensions.

TOTAL DEFINER  courses are taught by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos. Not only is Dr. Hoyos a physician with a background in art, he found the artistic form to play a part in human beauty and the appearance of youth. Today that more women and men are opting for cosmetic procedures to “perfect” their bodies and defy aging, TOTAL DEFINER techniques born with the clear idea that the bodies must always be a work process to achieve the satisfaction of an athletic, healthy and natural body.

More and More doctors are learning under the careful tutelage of Dr. Hoyos, the most advanced body contouring techniques of today to bring to their patients the beautiful contours that they desire.