Today with the passing of time and innovative changes is called the dimensional technique”, VASER HI-DEF LIPO” has a purpose of providing smooth and remarkable results with fast recovery and minimal downtime.

For your patients, it will take a few weeks in recovery while being able to do normal daily activities. It’s important to maintain the new body results, with a healthy nutrition and lifestyle. After any Lipo Sculpture surgery, a fitness program should be continued and a series of lymphatic drainage should be done to make sure these results are permanent. The procedure can improve the patient’s overall contour, eliminate fat in specific body areas, and help you achieve the shape you want.

If your patient wants an athletic appearance and wants to look the best, VASER HI DEF LIPO can be the best choice, for a natural and healthy athletic look. It can be the most idealistic form of beauty for them to achieve.

“The highest object of art, is man. ”Michelangelo

Doctors who are interested in our courses this year can benefit from the following:

  • Learn not only the theory behind the technique
  • Gain real hands-on experience under the guidance of the master.
  • Post-op Care and how to avoid any complications
  • Market your new skills (know –how business)
  • And more…

Here is the list of our upcoming courses: