Nowadays pectoral enhancements are the most common with the male models and bodybuilders who make money with their physiques. For men that spend countless hours in the gym, without achieve better muscle definition in their abs, arms, legs, and chest, it can be an effective aesthetic procedure that brings about a slim, athletic and muscular appearance.

For other men that have pectoral muscles they are unhappy with, often it’s because they have mild gynecomastia (fat accumulation in the chest), or manboobs. One way to get rid of this is Pectoral Vaser Hi Def procedure

For men with too little muscle definition, fat transfer from other areas of the body will be used to enhance the pectoral muscles. The fat transfer process puts extra tissue beneath, in, and above the pectoralis muscle. Enhancement with VASER is done completely without man-made silicone implants, which can cause complications and feel unnatural.

The chest, whether it is breast tissue or pectoral muscle, can be defined by sculpting along the borders of the chest to find the most aesthetically pleasing dimensions for each patient. The goal of this technique is to optimize the volume of the chest using tissues that are already present, while further defining those muscles by sculpting away unnecessary items.