One of the first things that come to mind about this practice is that most, if not all plastic surgeons you have heard of are male. There are indeed female plastic surgeons, but the vast majority of licensed plastic surgeons if we talk about USA are males. It is why We want to talk about the sudden rise in female plastic surgeons and what this means to the industry and to them.

First of all, it would seem logical that plastic surgery would be completely dominated by women due to the vast majority of patients being females looking to get enhancements through cosmetic surgery. This is not the case so far and this is due to what seems to be a very grueling and almost boot camp-like process for people to graduate as plastic surgeons.

This would suggest that women are not willing to go through the extensive studies to become surgeons, but that is not the case, it just felt that this was a very tight group that was predominantly male and this also made it more difficult for most women to show interest in it. This has slowly stopped being the case now that many women are able to achieve this goal and become surgeons. Women know that is not an easy profession, but at the same time, it is a challenge considering that on the other side exists the other vocation that is to be a mother and to have a family.

Dr. Alfredo Hoyos and his team have had the opportunity to train several women surgeons from different parts of the world and it is truly admirable to hear their experiences and commitment to their practice and their personal lives. They love being surgeons, and also love being a mother and wife. For those women are the very best things in their life.

Now if we are thinking about how in general a woman patient feels when they are making the decision to have a plastic surgery and choose the right doctor. We can see two different groups: One are the women that only trust a woman to evaluate them for cosmetic surgery purposes. They believe that no matter how much a man studies the female body, only a woman is going to be able to understand how another woman feels about body enhancements and improvements. This is a perfectly understandable situation.  The another one are the women who feel that only a male plastic surgeon is going to have the skills to help them because males are the ones that appreciate the female form in a way that females don’t. The truth is that neither one is correct as the surgical procedures performed for cosmetic purposes are usually completely based on symmetry and very specific protocols based on the shape of a body, the expectations of the patient and other factors unrelated to the gender of the surgeon.

But things are change and the modern plastic surgeon female that we can see today can be a mother, a wife and also a person that plays a major role in the development of cosmetic surgery.

But what is the motivating motor for these women to decide to be plastic surgeons?

The first one… Ambition…Perhaps some people would agree that men tend to be more ambitious than women. Some women would take this as an insult, but this is not caused by laziness in women, but by the lack of need for excessive power and excessive wealth. Men seem to have no restraints for those needs, while women are happy with being accomplished without having to sacrifice everything just to become wealthy.

Some would argue that men and women are equally ambitious, but the way that plastic surgery has evolved, has made it easier for men to decide to take that route. Now this is becoming less and less of an issue as plenty of women are taking on the challenge of becoming plastic surgeons and succeeding in the process.

Second One…The power to have a strong presence within the field… Now that more and more women are incorporating themselves in the field of cosmetic surgery, there is no question that they are inspiring other females to take on this role too. There is also the comfort aspect of it and it seems that a large number of women who would never visit a male surgeon are now going for appointments with females. This is happening because they feel like they are finally able to get help from a gender-based point of view and this is what they always wanted to have.

Third one…Patients trust…Most of the women patients seek out women for their procedures are for the most part grateful for the womanly attention, which most said at its best felt like the relationship with a close girlfriend.

We cannot deny that plastic surgery continues to be a very popular practice in the US. It’s a very attractive career due to the high paying work that people can do when they get their license. It’s also a very popular thing for people who feel unhappy with their body and want to enhance it for personal purposes or because it helps them with their careers. This is one of the reasons why plastic surgery is so common and popular in places like Los Angeles or New York due to a large number of professions that are completely related to how you look.

The rising number of female plastic surgeons seems to be doing quite well in the industry. Female surgeons seem to be able to attract a certain crowd that used to be undecided and some male patients also seem to prefer a woman’s touch for their cosmetic surgery needs, mostly is based on which gender the patient feels more comfortable with. Some women will feel that a female’s perspective is necessary, while others will consider males to be ideal for this task. The same goes for men who decide to get cosmetic surgery and are looking for input on what will benefit their appearance the most.

What we must remember is that all doctor’s woman or man are driven by the satisfaction they find in bringing positive changes to their patients’ lives