November 11 & 12, 2016

Tummy tuck ranks among the top five most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the world. As a doctor, if you want to be at the forefront of new techniques It is the perfect complement to an abdominal contouring procedure taking into account mainly the women who have had children & seek a tight, contoured abdomen.

Today born FIT MOMMY TUMMY TUCK or EVE Technique, term that has used his creator Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, who developed this procedure together with his original procedure  “Vaser Hi Def Lipo”, thinking in his patients, giving to them a revolutionary option for not only treat a loose abdominal skin, stretch marks and muscles also to transform a simple body into a body delineated by the beauty

This November you will have the opportunity to meet and learn the technique. We want to help you to develop the knowledge and the technical skills to deliver incorporate FIT MOMMY TUMMY TUCK into your practice.

In this training you will learn:

  • The combination of the Tummy tuck with the last version of Liposculpture today.
  • Total Definer Technique and Its Principles.
  • How to Manage Complications of Abdominoplasty Surgery.
  • How to Draw Surgical Markings.
  • Marketing your practice.
  • Learn to grow your practice logically, economically & effectively with solid scalable strategies.

And more…