(VASER HI DEF LIPO & TOTAL DEFINER) are a highly specialized techniques and requires extensive training and experience.

You can be able to learned them by world renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Alfredo Hoyos.

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Increase your knowledge into the most innovative body contouring procedures, with this Vaser Lipo Training

  1. You will learn not only the theory behind the technique as well as gaining real hands-on experience under the guidance of the master.
      2. You will learn the art behind of the Post Operatory treatment
  • Protocols
  • New Technology
  • Lifestyle
     3.You will learn some marketing strategies to dramatically increase your revenues using the patients              you already have.
The secret to motivating your existing patients to send you their friends, family and colleagues.
How to build your own credibility so prospective patients won’t shop around to your competitors.
With in-depth marketing guidance taught by a business professional who knows the ins and outs of marketing, product development, and start-up businesses.
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